The overall aim of AgTech7 is to significantly and practically enhance the knowledge of European HEIs’/Research Institutes’ students and ‘in-house’ incubator managers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and business angels on a wide set of agri-tech disruptive farm-to-fork applications.
AgTech7’s objectives are the following:
– To collaboratively design and frequently update a curriculum consisting of the following initially defined thematic topics:

Data Analytics in Farm Management Information Systems
Blockchain for food value-chain transparency
Financial innovation for enhanced agri-food availability in funding and insurance

IoT and Earth Observation for growing farm yield and improving resource efficiency

Artificial Intelligence in supply chain optimisation
Neuro-science marketing techniques for shifting diets and personalized branding

Lean startup for agri-tech ventures

– To put to test the above curriculum with custom deployment means, tailored to the specific needs and learning habits of the different target-groups (i.e. classroom-style, workshop, round-table discussions, fire-chats, gamification, MOOC-style learning)
– To facilitate digital disruption in the agribusiness domain based on a whole spectrum of contemporary farm-to-fork agri-tech concepts, thus, inspiring modernisation of participating HEIs’ curricula, incubators’ startup services, commercial business models and early-stage investing practices within and beyond AgTech7 participants.
– To enhance entrepreneurial skills of higher education students, in-house incubator managers, teaching staff and agri-food company staff, by co-creating the curriculum and testing it in interdisciplinary audiences.
– To enable the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge, by offering easy-to-grasp, practical examples and cases of agri-tech deployments from the whole farm-to-fork spectrum.